Cross Over- ART TAIPEI 2018 Collection beauty and Purification mind

The cross-border cooperation between Chinese medicine and art, Essentia designed the “a spoonful of moon” gifts for international galleries operators, artists and collectors. The kampo drinks are presented in a poetic form. Put the spoon in hot water and gently stirred, then can enjoy it. The beauty not only is seen but also felt by the heart and soul.

Essentia participated in Art Taipei this year. For more than 40 years, Essentia has collected wonderful moments for each family just like an art gallery. ART TAIPEI has hosted 25 years of sharing art, from treatment and health care, transcending the frame of Chinese medicine, cross-border art and deep-rooted daily medicine.A famous doctor from Tang dynasty Sun Simiao said, “medication must rely on land”, taken from the land; Paul Cézanne said “seeking harmony in various relationships”. In life and life, art and Chinese medicine are guiding people’s thoughts and collecting life at all times. Although ART TAIPEI ended perfectly at the end of October 2018, Essentia’s installation continues to be exhibited at the clinic. All are welcome to come to the clinic and have a cup of herbal tea.