Essentia herbs

Essentia Traditional Oriental Medicine Clinic was established in 1982.The Chief Doctor and Head of Clinic, Dr. Chin-Hui Chiang, was selected as Taiwan’s official Chinese Medicine Representative, as well as being appointed a member of the advisory board for the Chinese Medicine Research Institute of Taiwan. With a vision to extract the best out of traditional Chinese medicine and revitalize its wisdom, Dr. Chiang has dedicated himself to many decades of rigorous ancient studies and has led Essentia’s clinical operation and research team to build abundant clinical experiences, and to develop many applications that have brought some of the most effective ancient medical practices to our modern concept of health sustainment. This concept is known today as the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). Essentia Traditional Oriental Medicine Clinic redefines the culture of Chinese Medicine by contemporary ways. We inherited profound theories and wisdom of previous people. By sharing the concept of contemporary health in collaboration with the ancient Chinese Medicine culture, we strive to take care of every community member’s health.

History & Awards

2018 Essentia herbs Co., Ltd. Certified with ISO 22000 and HACCP Food Safety System Certification
2017 Essentia herbs Co., Ltd. established
2016 Essentia Traditional Oriental Medicine Clinic renovation
1983 Essentia Traditional Oriental Medicine Clinic established
1982 Essentia Traditional Oriental Clinic established(景中字第001號)